I'm gonna do a live stream on Aureal

I'm going to start roughly around 9am eastern time. Thats roughly 6:30 pm on Tuesday for you @blockanarchist. You are more than welcome to come and watch or even join in and talk with me during the show if you would like to. There will be no cameras on so dont feel pressured to have one if you dont want to.

I will probably be recording my web cam seperately in case I want to put it on 3Speak. But I havent decided that I will do that yet. Probably not, lol.

I will start recording and just go until when ever I'm done talking or whenever you people want to stop talking.


Topics I want to cover

  • I'm going to be hosting an upcoming #HiveChat
  • The concept of being a "Defluencer" & how this guy is extremly close but missing the boat on a couple of levels. I love this terminology and it is exactly what I am trying to achieve.
  • Aureal getting so fricking close to being done with the hosting and rolling out the RSS feeds! Maybe one of the guys will hop on with me tomorrow.
  • I found a great way to deal with all the stupidity and arguing going on lately about the covid, vaccines and stupid bull shit we all fight about every day. It's really easy, doesnt cost you any kind of currency, crypto or otherwise. It will help you in your home life with your significant other. Make your kids actually wan to clean their rooms and do the dishes. It will even improve your overall health and mental state. What is it? Well you will have to tune in and find out.

I will buzz & tweet the room link in the morning because I will be creating a fresh room then.