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I seem to have found a happy spot

I think I finally found a happy spot with recording. I'm still using Simple Screen Recorder but have added in Non-Mixer since it supports plugins. I do a quick run through of it.
Let me know if the audio sounds better.

I ran across what I think is a bug in the search functions that Ecency and PeakD use. I go over that and ask if anybody knows what it is.
I've already alerted @good-karma and he is looking into it.

I also ask what kind of tutorials you would like to see about Hive. I'm mostly talking about the dapps and not any crypto investment advice hee. I dont have any experience with that.

I talk about a video that was shared with me by a user on discord. It's hilarious.
Here is where you can watch it.
"It's a digital world bro!"

I also touch very lightly on the difference between Hive Keychain and Hivesigner. Why they are both important and very different technologies.

I'm gonna try to push one more out tomorrow before the surgery.

Why? Because just in case something happens and I dont make it off the table at least DecentraCast doesnt end on Episode 13, lol.

But I'm sure I will see you next week.
Dont stick your finger where you wouldnt stick your face!

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