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DecentraCast S1Ep21 How to Buy Games With Pizza & HBD!

Hive is contantly amazing me everyday.

Back on Episod 19 I mentioned that you could buy Steam games from Hive.Pizza.

Well they went and wrote a tutorial on their blog on how to do it. It's a very straight forward and simple thing to do. So why arent you over there buying games?

Follow their tutorial!

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If you would like to support me outside of Hive

These two lists are what I need to build a streaming pc. The main parts are available on Amazon while there are 3 items that are cheaper at Newegg. The total build is currently coming in at ;$912 as of 10/01/21.

I can make do for now with what I have. But it isnt easy and very unreliable equipment. This build would be the first "new" computer I've ever had.

I dont expect anybody to help me with this but if you can it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you if you can.

Amazon List

NewEgg List

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