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How I pick a Hive Witness to Vote for

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This is by no means "the definitive" way to choose how to cast your vote. But it's the way I do it. You can choose your own way.

Of course you can be lazy and just do what is known as Proxy voting. Thats just choosing someone else to vote for you which is a
great way if you are just starting out. Just make sure you pick someone you trust. Because your vote will be cast with whoever they choose.

But I go through a checklist and little background on the witness before they get my vote.
The must meet these criteria:

  • Be active on the blockchain. No one or two year old posts. Must be at least once a month. I understand that most of them are coders and devs and are busy.
    But you gotta show me you are active on the chain you are working on.
  • Be vested in Hive! I dont want to see signs of you just setting up a node and never doing anything on chain. Again I understand the being busy part but at least
    be active in the community. Whether on Hive or other social media tring to get people onto Hive

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