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So I might be crazy but...

You may have noticed from the last 2 videos that I've been using an avatar instead of my face. I guess you could say I've
been in transition, lol. I'm switching over to being a Vtuber. Why? Am I a weeb? NO Am I big anime fan? NO. I just think it's
a cool and rather easy way to make more interesting conent. I find it much more interesting to watch an animated avatar
on screen than a static picture on the desktop.

This avatar is just one that I came up with all quick and dirty like. I'm using veetuber-mini to animate the png files and it just
opens in OBS Studio as a window capture. It's pretty slick and looks to be easy to set up and just fire up obs in the future and pound
out episodes.

It uses hardly any resources on my old Frankenputer so I may try doing some streaming with it. Hopefully this works out as a cool segqayinto building my full streamer.

I'll do a more indepth video on how I set it up if anybody is interested.

This avatar will not be the same one I use all the time. I have my daughter working on making me one similar to this one but a full body one that I can then puppeteer the head and arms with it.

I chose this mainly because I think it's cool. But I would be remiss if I didnt also admit I looked pretty hard at it because literally nobody else on 3Speak is doing any Vtubing or PNGTubing. I just think its cool and cant wait to do more.

Till next time. Be good and be safe and never stick your finger where you wouldnt stick your face!

If you would like to support me outside of Hive

These two lists are what I need to build a streaming pc. The main parts are available on Amazon while there are 3 items that are cheaper at Newegg. The total build is currently coming in at ;$912 as of 10/01/21.

I can make do for now with what I have. But it isnt easy and very unreliable equipment. This build would be the first "new" computer I've ever had.

I dont expect anybody to help me with this but if you can it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you if you can.

Amazon List

NewEgg List

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