Photo by Janik Butz from Pexels
I love looking at photos like this. They always seem to remind me that we are only a small part in a much larger machine. But without us that machine just would't work the same.

All those stars are most likely much larger than our little blue planet and just like our star there is probably planets rotating around each of those stars. They are all out there. We can see it and they can see us. It's kinda like Web 3.0 and being decentralized.

Now i know what you're thinking. What the hell does the universe and stars have to do with dectralization. Well, thats going to be the subject of the first series or at least a couple of episodes of Decentracast.

Explaining Web 3.0

It's gonna probably take me a couple of episodes at least to explain it so that common folks like me can understand it. But you people here on Hive most likely already understand it. Thats probably a big reason you're here. But to most people out there they dont have any clue what it is. How to find it or even how to use in their everyday life.

So if you are one of those people then I invite you to go ahead and subscrbe. Cause once you understand what Web 3.0 is and everything that you can do on it already you will be jumping at the chance to sign up. Then when you see what is going to be possible in the future with it. You will be asking yourself "Why havent we been using this technology all along?"

The fun will start tomorrow and I plan to push out an episode every couple of days.

The last episode of ATWR

The last episode of As the Wheels Roll, the podcast this was rebranded from can be found on @aureal's community page here.

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