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Too Much Choice on Hive

The latests HiveChat got me thinking about this

Is it possible that there is too much choice in dapps on Hive?

Lists 43 total

Heres some of the of the larger ones.

  • 4 media
  • 4 utilites
  • 5 interfaces
  • 8 Games
  • 12 social - This is where the problem lies, obviously.
    The problem (at least on this site) is that these are listed as social sites. Which they are but, they aren't. This goes back to what I keep saying. Focus on the dapps in the marketing and not the blockchain.
    The dapps need to distinguish themselves from each other.
    On the list are the "big 3". PeakD, and Ecency.

All 3 are geared towards long form blog type posts with images, video embeds, etc. But they each should do something to differentiate themselves outside of just looking different.

Ecency seems to be the one that is making the biggest attempt to be different. Focussing on the desktop and mobile app aspects. I could see them morphing into more of a type thing.

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