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DecentraCast S1Ep20 Vessel Desktop A Hive Wallet

What is Vessell?

Vessel is a desktop Hive wallet for Windows, mac and Linux. It's a beautiful ap that is working absolutely great for me.
I'll be honest I don't know everything it can do but it's fricking awesome.

It's encrypted if you choose just in case you loose your laptop or it gets stolen. So your Hive is well protected.

Here is the source code if you want to compile it.

And here you can get the binaires if you dont want to compile and just want to install and go!

In the video I install it on ElementaryyOS 6 Odin using dpkg on the deb file. It took my slow pc a little to install since I was live streaming the desktop and recording at the same time. But note that when I installed it on my ThinkPad it was done extremely fast.

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If you would like to support me outside of Hive

These two lists are what I need to build a streaming pc. The main parts are available on Amazon while there are 3 items that are cheaper at Newegg. The total build is currently coming in at ;$912 as of 10/01/21.

I can make do for now with what I have. But it isnt easy and very unreliable equipment. This build would be the first "new" computer I've ever had.

I dont expect anybody to help me with this but if you can it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you if you can.

Amazon List

NewEgg List

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