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Drawing the Line in the Defense of Others

What I am talking about

I started out talking about how good ElementaryOs is to use. It's pretty light weight and just buzzes along and gets out of your way to let you work.

I talk about the philosophy of switching all the apps to flatpaks and how much better it actually is in practice for the Linux ecosystem as a whole.

They have done so good and gotten big enough to start to influence upstream projects such as Gnome.

It truly is a beautiful, easy to use distro that just works!

Then I went down a rabbit hole with some recent drama

Recently a somewhat large Linux "personality" thought it would be a good idea to spout his thoughts on the way some software developers live their lives outside of developing software.

He is entitled to his views. But he not known for (at least has made it his career's objective) to voicing his opinions on anything outside of Linux and tech. He's not listened to for his "lifes opinions". Much like when multi million dollar rock stars, athletes and actors/actresses spout their opinions on how much poor, average, everyday people that have to do manual labor to buy food paycheck to paycheck. Just shut up and throw the ball, play the song or say your line with emotion.

So sorry I got a little political in this. But ya know, sometimes you have to in the defense of others.

Moral of the story dont be a dick.

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If you would like to support me outside of Hive

These two lists are what I need to build a streaming pc. The main parts are available on Amazon while there are 3 items that are cheaper at Newegg. The total build is currently coming in at ;$912 as of 10/01/21.

I can make do for now with what I have. But it isnt easy and very unreliable equipment. This build would be the first "new" computer I've ever had.

I dont expect anybody to help me with this but if you can it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you if you can.

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