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Just a quick run through of the dapp Ecency. IMO it's the best and easiest frontend to the Hive social media blockchain.
It's a webapp, it's a cross platform desktop app and it's even got android and ios apps!
It's intuitive and easy to use so get started at

You can use my referral link if you want but it's definitely not required. I dont think I recieve any monetary rewards if you do. And they are not sposors of this episode.

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If you would like to support me outside of Hive

These two lists are what I need to build a streaming pc. The main parts are available on Amazon while there are 3 items that are cheaper at Newegg. The total build is currently coming in at ;$912 as of 10/01/21.

I can make do for now with what I have. But it isnt easy and very unreliable equipment. This build would be the first "new" computer I've ever had.

I dont expect anybody to help me with this but if you can it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you if you can.

Amazon List

NewEgg List

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